Announcing Presto 0.8.7 (Open Beta)

The Presto Sound Library provides a Service so that any application can change the speed and pitch of MP3s/Oggs, provided the developer of that application has modified it to use Presto and the end user has Presto installed. It is currently in open beta.

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Announcing Presto 0.8.7 (Open Beta)

Postby aocate » Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:00 pm


resolve (fix) #4 - Delay During Seek (side effect: battery use may be reduced, though I have not checked)
resolve (unable to reproduce) #37 - Audio play stops (or audio stops being heard) but client side of service thinks audio is still playing
resolve (unable to reproduce) #46 - Media play stop near end of media file but not quite at the end
resolve (unable to reproduce) #53 - Presto service crash when starting to play an audio file
resolve (fix) #57 - Ogg Vorbis Speed Adjustment Disabled
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